Willi Robé








Negative energy in people ist caused by negative emotional experiences such as trauma, tragedy, unloving upbringing, separation and loss. It can also be induced by black magic influences. These experiences subsequently cause recurring diseases, fear, bad luck, partnership problems, failures and a negative environment.

In psochykinesis (the medial contact from psyche to psyche) I am now able to neutralize or fully resolve all negative energy in people's dispositions. In this way positivity in all areas of life willbe created, even among the so-called "hopeless cases".

Psychokinesis allows to enter not only into physical structures, but also into all "PSI"- and bioenergetic dispositions in every living subject, wher in turn an arbitrary control of bio-neural and bio-chemical processes is possible.

Every reflex sensationm (spiritual, emotional, physiological, mental etc.) holds a "PSI"- and bioenergetic frequency, which, if negative, correspondingly impresses itself with a negative mentality. The more often the negative perception, the stronger the impression.
It is this ingrained impression which in turn has a reflective effect on one's fundamental well-being. The view becomes cloudy and negative, which means that due to the increased negative feelings, "PSI"- and bioenergetic pulses occur, which in time build critical "PSI"- and bioenergetic compressions, that may manifest themselves throughout the physio-neural systems.
The longer one remains bound to these negative compressions, the stronger they become and manifest themselves as ulcers, tumors etc.
By means of psychokinesis it is not only possible to detect these compressions (psychoscopy), but also to completely neutralize them. Thereby every form of serious disease is deprived of its source. Moreover, it is possible to straighten all congenial (same direction) negative mental segments (impressions), releasing the person from all lasting negative dispositions (mentally) and opening the way to a complete regenerative healing.

The most amazing thing about psychokinesis is that the treated person does not have to be present to receive this positivity. Using an inductor (an object of media concentration, preferably a photograph) it is possible to establish a media connection over which to accentuate the psychokinesis.
The distance to the subject does not matter ("PSI"-signals are neither space- nor timebound).

Conclusion: All diseases, bad luck etc. are deproived of their source, thereby positivity in all areas of life will be ensured.

For a healthy and successful life.


Willi Robé